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Seller Support Desk

1. Currently cancellation is available at packed state, to all users –customers, admin and sellers. Will this feature enable cancellation to all users at RTS, and will feature allow Lazada Admin to do Cancel at RTS?

Answer: This feature will enable cancellation at RTS state only to sellers. There will be no admin portal settings to configure them even Lazada Admin User.

2. What other conditions may apply to cancellation at RTS, apart from users and state?

Answer: This option will be available only to MP local and CB orders. Not for FBL and TBC orders. LazMall sellers (Non-Retail) will be able to cancel orders at RTS

3. At what (Item or package level), cancellation at RTS is allowed?

Answer: Cancellation at packed state can still be cancelled at item level. Other items in the same package will be rolled-back to pending status and seller will have to re-package. However, given that RTSed orders already have packages created in TMS, cancelling at RTS will have to cancel all the items in the same package. This is the same as what we have today when Transport team cancels RTS orders manually.

4. Do we have a policy in place to prevent sellers from abusing the cancellation and resulting in bad customer experience?

Answer: Yes. For every 10 cancellations (including cancellation at RTS), one negative seller rating will be posted to the seller account. Positive Seller Ratings affects seller’s eligibility to campaigns and seller tools such as Seller Picks.

5. What will happen if seller ships the cancelled items by mistake?

Answer: When Sellers cancel RTSed items, Seller Center will highlight a message to ask sellers to make sure the item have not yet been shipped. And after an order is cancelled, a message will be displayed to ask sellers not to ship out cancelled items. It will be made clear to seller that they have to bear the costs themselves if they ship out cancelled items.

6. Will this cancellation option available for Mass Upload / API / Multi select?

Answer: Only multi-select option is provided. No mass import option is provided. It will work for API, but we don’t advice as there are no disclaimers and sellers have to be very clean on the consequence of this cancellations at RTS. API documentation will be updated.

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