How can I create the SPU?

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Create new SKU:
In the process of uploading new content,where a seller cannot find a SPU matching the product intended to upload, or if the product is an OEM product, the category process will guide the seller through the process. When the product is submitted, Lazada will QC the data in SPU (separated from other details and SKU), and creating the new SPU when approved.

Add data to SPU:
When selecting an exisitng SPU, the creater might not have filled in all attributes in the SPU. Other sellers will than have th eoption to add these attributes for the SPU. If approved, they updated SPU will be shared with all sellers using the selected SPU. No notification is shared with current sellers using the SPU in case of additional attributes being added.

Change data in SPU:
If a seller finds data in SPU incorrect, a formstack in the menu allows the seller to submit a request for change to Lazada Content (the owner of the SPU data). A QC agent will verify if the suggestion is legit.

Step 1: Click on "please click here to request new values"

Step 2: It will lead you to this formstack. Fill the formstack accordingly and click on "submit form"

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