What is Fake RTS and what we should do to avoid them?

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What is Fake RTS?

  • Fake RTS is updating your order status to RTS (Ready-to-ship) before the orders/items are ready to be picked up by our logistic partners.
  • Lazada tracks Fake RTS by identifying items that have been RTS and not picked up when our logistic partners arrive to pick up the parcels.

 Why you should not do Fake RTS?

  • Merchants who fake RTS will be penalized and charged for creating a negative customer experience and increasing lead time to customers.
  • Our logistic partners plan their pickup route according to the items you RTS and this is inefficient if the orders/items are not ready to be picked up.

 How to avoid fake RTS?

  • Keep a good habit of process order based on first in, first out process (pick and pack the orders that come in earliest)
  • Regularly update your stock to avoid situation where items are out-of-stock and you have to wait for new arrival of stocks (Stocks in your warehouse should tally with stocks on seller center)


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