How can I create my own promotion by giving a code or a voucher to customers?

Seller Support Desk

Seller can create Voucher code for customers directly on Seller center.

How to create Voucher Code

  1. Log in Seller Center
  2. Click > Promotion > Seller Voucher > Add New Voucher



  1. Seller can choose the types of voucher they want to create whether it is percentage or money value type

      4. Fill details of the voucher code.


  1. Add SKU that is not applicable for the voucher code.


  1. Click Submit
  2. Promote Voucher code in your social media or existing campaign

Read more about Seller Voucher feature Here !


Frequently Asked Questions



Once all issued vouchers have been used, will my voucher automatically be deactivated?

Yes, all vouchers will be deactivated once it reaches the end of the date range set or when the amount of redemption reaches the limit set. Upon deactivation, the code will no longer be shown to customers.

Is voucher validity determined by transaction date or when products are added to cart?

Voucher validity is based on the transaction date. This means that customers have to make the purchase with the voucher code before the voucher validity period ends.

Can customers apply vouchers on a bundled product or discounted product?

Yes, similar to current Lazada issued vouchers, customers will be allowed to apply your vouchers onto a bundled or discounted product

After I create a voucher, how long will it take for the voucher to go live on the PDP?

Once you create the voucher, it can be applied immediately on checkout. However, the display of the voucher code on your products might take up to 30mins to display. If you do not see your voucher codes appearing on your products after 30mins, please contact Partner Support.

Can customers apply more than one seller voucher (from different sellers) in one basket? 

No, customers can only apply one voucher code per order.

Can customers check out with Lazada voucher and seller voucher in one basket?

Which department should I raise voucher-related disputes/bugs/questions to? PSC or Customer Service?

Please direct all voucher related question to the relavant team, if a customer asks you a question regarding voucher usage, please direct them to as Customer Service if you are unsure. As a seller, you can direct all seller related voucher (e.g. creation, usage, editing) to Partner Support.

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