I could not generate sales. What should I do?

Seller Support Desk

There are several ways you can increase/start generate sales. 

- Add more assortments: the recommend number of minimum SKU is 30. Seller can add more varieties by doing packed/bundle SKUs. Seller can also learn Mass Upload tool here

- Competitive Price: always set both price and sale price in Seller Center for every SKU. Compare price with competitors on Lazada website or in the “lowest price” column in Seller Center, “Your products” tab.

- Stock: always plan stock to be enough for daily sales or plan ahead if joining campaign. Separate Lazada stock with other sale channels. DO NOT put fake stock!

- Content: always have clear product name. Make it easier to search by adding maximum 3 keywords in product name. Upload HD photos with clear white background (> 850x850 pixels). Always add clear product description and VDO as suggested in the Content guideline. 

- Join Promotion: join campaign in Seller Center. Lazada launches special campaigns in every festival and occasion all year round. We put a lot of efforts to marketing our website during big campaign. Learn how to use Promotion Tool here

- Promote Your Shop and Products: link your Lazada URL to promote your products on social networks especially during campaign

Remarks: Download the attached file to see full detail of how to create perfect content.

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