Where can I find the Seller Lowest Price?

Seller Support Desk

You may view the Seller Center under your productsuncompetitive → lowest priceaction


Lowest Price: You may also access the actual competitive website by clicking the link provided.


Action: You can decide to reject the price on the “action” column. If suggested price don’t match your desired one. You may choose rejection reasons indicated once you click the “Reject Price” action.

Reject Reasons:

  • Different Product / Different variation of same product
  • Different Bundle - 4 pack item matched with 6 pack of same item
  • Inactive link - Competitor link not working
  • Competitor out of stock -stock not available on competitor now
  • Incorrect price - The price used for comparison is not correct
  • Cannot match; margins too low if I match competitor price
  • Other - if the reason for rejection is not in the list above
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