What is the standard procedure for fulfilling orders?

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Order fulfillment standard procedures

Step 1

  • Sign in seller center
  • Click “Orders”
  • Click “ Manage Orders”

Step 2

2.1 Check your order first your status will be pending which show your new orders.

2.2 You have to check the detail of an order by click "+"

Step 3

3.1) Click “Ready to Ship”    if products that can be packed within one box.

3.2) Click “Ready to Ship”    if products that cannot be all packed within one box, you will need to click on the + symbol and you will see the drop down list.



  • Once you click on to the “+” sign, you will see the following
  • customer information
  • product code
  • seller SKU
  • product image
  • Once you have checked all details, kindly click on Ready to Ship.
  • Please keep in mind You need to click ready to ship to confirm an order within 24 hours to prevent order cancellation

 Step 4

  • Once you click Ready to Ship, a winder will appear. Kindly click on “Create Package”

Step 5

  • Invoice ID window will show up and the system will automatically enter the invoice number (Change if needed).
  • Then click on “Save invoice ID”

Step 6

  • Click "shipping labels" to print document.


  • This is an example of Lazada’s Shipping Label which contains payment method, customer information, and seller information. Kindly Print out 2 copies and place it in a plastic pouch
  • followed by sticking it on the package. Kindly ensure barcode is displayed..


 Step 7

  • Press ready to ship again. And you can close this window.


For sellers who are using pick up service, it is required to print out the Carrier Manifest. This can be done by the following steps

    1. Go to ready to ship tab
    2. Click on the checkboxes of the respective orders.
    3. Select print
    4. print out Carrier manifest for select item: Please print out two copies.



This is an example of a printed carrier manifest. It contains the list of items which will be shipped by the third party logistics provider. Sellers are required to get the driver’s signature as proof of delivery.


Step 8

  • Going back to the order overview page, you will find the recent order in the ready to ship section


 Step 9

Shipping (Pick up)

  • If you are a pick up seller, a representative from third party logistics will appear at your doorstep.
  • Kindly keep in mind the following: By Clicking ready to ship before 4PM , Lazada will pick up the item the following day. By If you click ready to ship after 4PM , Lazada will pick up the item the day after tomorrow.
  • Please do also note that Lazada will not pick up on holidays.

 Shipping (Drop off)

  • If you are a drop off seller, kindly drop off the package at your respective drop off location
  • Kindly keep in mind the following: By Clicking ready to ship before 4PM , Seller go to drop the item at drop off location the following day. By If you click ready to ship after 4PM , Seller go to drop the item at drop off location the day after tomorrow.
  • Please check you location and more information here http://bit.ly/2nvqM7l

 Step 10

Tracking your order

  • Shops can track the delivery status on the completed tab. There are four statuses which are the following: Pending are orders which have been purchased by customer and awaiting seller to either click on Ready to Ship or Cancel.
  • Ready to Ship is when Clicked by seller if item is in stock and ready to be shipped or picked up for delivery.
  • Shipped is when item has been provided to third party logistics provider or has already been dropped off at drop off location. Delivered is when the item has been delivered to your customer Fail Delivery are orders in where item has not been delivered to the customer due to logistic issues, or not being able to reach the customer.
  • Cancelled are orders which are seller initiated cancellation due to stock issue, or capacity or not being able to ship. Returned status takes place when Item has been returned by customer to the seller.


How to pack your product ?

  • In accordance with our claim conditions and for the safety of product fragility, sellers are required to pack goods with an outer box. The box should be in perfect durability condition.




To learn more, join available online courses here >>> “Onboarding”

 For more information, please visit Lazada University >> Topic "All about shipping"


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