How do I view the details of my sales transactions?

Seller Support Desk

Please follow these following steps to view details of my sales transactions

1. On Seller Center Home Page, select "Reports" tab on top of the screen and click on "Account Statements"

2. You will have the "Current Statement" as your view. To view details of your sales, select "Transaction Overview" tab.

  • In this view, you may filter "Date Range" on weekly basis or filter "Transaction" type depending on your requirements. If you need specific transaction to query, you may use the Details, Transaction Number, or Order Number in the Search Bar on the right side of the screen.

  • Details include Date, Transaction Type, Transaction Number, Order Number, Details, Amount, VAT (not yet functional), WHT (not yet functional), and Statement Period.

     To learn more, visit Lazada University >>"Financial Reconciliation
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