What are the packing requirements?

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All products should be packed properly following the standard packing guideline. Shipping documents should be well inserted and covered in/by a pouch.

We do not advise you to consolidate multiple orders because our shipping fee is charged per Tracking number.

1) If you pack multiple racking in 1 packaging, only the tracking number stamped "delivered" will be paid.

2) If the item has multiple packages e.g. air conditioning set, that item must be generated with only 1 tracking number. You should print shipping labels for all packages and make an identification, e.g. 1/3 , 2/3 and 3/3 on each box . If those products can be wrapped together, make sure the total package height is not over 150 cm. and package weight must not over 20 kg., please wrap them.

Weight and the sum of three dimensions for Pick-Up and Drop-Off

1. Pick-up

Condition: Weight <20 KGs, and the sum of three dimensions < 150 CMs.

2. Drop-off 

2.1 Thai Post Drop Off and KERRY Drop Off

Condition: Weight <20 KGs, and the sum of three dimensions < 120 CMs.  (dimension < 55 CMs on any sides)

2.2 Lex Drop Off

Condition: Weight <20 KGs, and the sum of three dimensions < 91 CMs. (dimension < 55 CMs on any sides)

Remark: only 15 packages/day at maximum.


Documents to prepare :

1) 2 copies of shipping label in the pouch and attach the pouch on the package.
2) 1 copy of invoice in the package.
3) A carrier manifest for truck driver to sign as an evidence of acceptance.

Remarks: Attached are stud guidelines of "The use of tracking number". Please spend some time to look through it.

  To learn more, visit Lazada University >>"Properly Packing for Various Products"

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