What is drop-off service?

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Currently, there are 2 providers of drop-off service. They are listed as below:

1. Kerry Drop-off: Sellers can drop their products at any offices/shops of Kerry spread across 92 locations in Bangkok and Central Thailand.

KERRY associated with Lazada: MON-SUN 10.00-15.00 (For Sunday, please confirm with your local branch again.)                                                                                                                        
Special reminder for Kerry service points:  seller can drop parcel after “RTS” immediately in every service point.

*Any failed delivery shall be return back to seller’s address                                                                                                                                                                                     

2. Thai Post Drop-off: Sellers can drop-off their products only designated post offices that you are registered in. Currently there are over 106 post offices across Thailand facilitating drop-off.                

Main Thailand Post Office: MON-FRI 8.00-16.00 and SAT 8.00-12.00

Special reminder for Thai Post service points: seller who press “RTS” before 16.00 is able to drop parcel in next day Seller who press “RTS” after 16.00 shall drop parcel the day after next day. Seller must drop their parcel in their registered service point

*Any failed delivery shall be return back to seller’s address                                                                                                           

Main conditions for using Drop Off Service as following:

- The products sold should not weight over 20 kg

- The combined dimensions (Width + Length + Height) shall not exceed 120 cm.

- Only 15 packages/day at maximum.

- Items such as animals, narcotics, obscene items, explosive, flammable substance, banknote, sharp objects without covers and other contrabands are prohibited as per laws in Thailand.

- The seller shall receive orders through seller center. The products prepare and update ready to ship before 4 PM shall be dropped-off on the next working day.



1) Seller receive order

2) Seller pack and press “Ready to Ship”

3) Seller place AWB in front of the parcel

4) Seller drop parcel at drop-off service points



New logistic model to allow seller

 Save transport cost

 No queuing for pickup

 Choose your own convenient time


Sellers who would like to join Lazada Drop Off Service by fill out Lazada Drop Off Form here

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