What is drop-off service?

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Currently, there are 4 providers of drop-off service. They are listed as below:

1. Thai Post Drop-off: Sellers can drop-off their products only designated post offices that you are registered in. Currently there are over 704  post offices across Thailand facilitating drop-off.                

Main Thailand Post Office: MON-FRI 8.00-16.30 and SAT 8.00-12.00

Special reminder for Thai Post service points: seller may drop-off parcel on the same day after “RTS” is pressed. Seller must drop their parcel in their registered service point. 

*Any failed delivery shall be return back to seller’s address


2. Kerry Drop-off: Sellers can drop their products at any offices/shops of Kerry spread across 353 locations in Thailand.

KERRY associated with Lazada: MON-SUN 10.00-15.00 (For Sunday, please confirm with your local branch again.)


3. DHL Drop-off: Sellers can drop their products at any offices/shops of DHL spread across 615 locations in Thailand.

DHL associated with Lazada: MON-SUN 10.00-19.00

Remark: Sellers who are interested in DHL Drop Off service can apply by filling the "Drop Off Registration/Cancellation/Change Form" 


4. Lex Drop-off: Sellers can drop their products at Tesco Express (specific branches).

Tesco Express (specific branches): Everyday 09.00-16.00


Special reminder for Kerry, DHL and Lex service points:  seller can drop parcel after “RTS” immediately in every service point.

*Any failed delivery shall be return back to seller’s address                                                                                                                                                                             


Main conditions for using Drop Off Service as following:

- The products sold should not weight over 20 kg.

- Any sides of product should not exceed over 55 cm.

- For Thai Post, Kerry and DHL Drop Off, the combined dimensions (Width + Length + Height) shall not exceed 120 cm.

- For Lex Drop Off, the combined dimensions (Width + Length + Height) shall not exceed 91 cm.

- Only 15 packages/day at maximum. (no limit for DHL Drop Off)

- Items such as animals, narcotics, obscene items, explosive, flammable substance, banknote, sharp objects without covers and other contrabands are prohibited as per laws in Thailand.

- The seller shall receive orders through seller center. The products prepared and processed “ready to ship” can be dropped-off on the same day.


 How it work ?

1) Order: Seller receives an order.

2) Read to ship: Seller pick, pack and press Ready to ship.

3) Shipped: Seller drop parcels off at drop off points.

4) Delivered: Parcels delivered to the customer.


WHY choose our drop-off services?

  • Lower shipped fee
  • Convenient: No queuing for pick up
  • Flexible: 6 working days



Sellers who would like to join Lazada Drop Off Service by fill out Lazada Drop Off Form here

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