Where and when can I drop off my orders?

Seller Support Desk

Thai Post

Thai Post operates from Monday to Friday (8 AM – 4 PM) and Saturday (8 AM -12 PM) to avoid the long queue, Lazada has prepared special areas for drop-off users to drop the parcels. Please note that your parcels must be dropped before 3 PM.

Please strictly drop your parcels at the assigned post office only. Only the assigned post office has your records and information. Besides, Thai post office has a special area for business users which is easy to notice. You will not have to wait long like normal users for the services.

Special reminder for Thai Post service points: seller who press “RTS” before 16.00 is able to drop parcel in next day Seller who press “RTS” after 16.00 shall drop parcel the day after next day. Seller must drop their parcel in their registered service point.

 Kerry Drop-off

Kerry operates from Monday to Sunday from 10 AM to 3 PM. (For Sunday, please confirm with your local branch again.) Merchants walk into Kerry shop in associate with drop-ff program where Lazada banner can be easily spotted on the door or a counter. The merchant shall hand over the products to the officer presented and receive acknowledgement. The merchant needs to follow the regular queue to drop-off their products.

Special reminder for Kerry service points:  seller can drop parcel after “RTS” immediately in every service point.


     To learn more, visit Lazada University >>"All about shipping"

Remarks: Seller can drop their parcel at any associated Kerry drop-off stations(92 locations). Download the attached file to check the addresses and locations below.

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