How do I know if my order has been delivered?

Seller Support Desk

You can check the order status, if the order status is "Delivered", it means that your order has been delivered.

The steps below can show you all of the order that the final status is "Delivered".

 1. Click "Orders" then "Manage Orders"   thumbnail_1._How_do_I_know_if_my_order_has_been_delivered_FIX.jpg


2. On the "Completed" tab, select "Delivered". This will show you the orders that have been delivered.


3. As you can see in the "Status" column, these orders are orders that have been delivered.          

4. Rectangle in front of "X" is the timeframe filter of delivered orders however, if you wish to see all of them, you can click "X" to remove the filter.        thumbnail_3._How_do_I_know_if_my_order_has_been_delivered_FIX.jpg


 To learn more, visit Lazada University >>"All about shipping"

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