What do I do with my account when I am on vacation/long leave?

Seller Support Desk

We advise you to turn off all SKUs in your shop by using “Seller holiday mode”, The feature allows you to set the holiday on your own. By setting the holiday your account will be temporarily offline, new order will not be received during the time. So, you do not have to be worried about order fulfilling and impact on rating.

However, this feature allows you to stop receiving new order during the holiday only, it is mandatory to ship out the remaining orders.

Tips: The holiday should be set 2 days before the actual holiday to process the pending orders. For instance, Seller will go on holiday from 16th to 30th May. So, the holiday should be set from 14th and pending orders should be shipped out on 15th.

How to set the holiday?

  1. Log on to Seller Centre, Click profile > General


  1. Select the date on holiday mode to set the holiday and specify the date on calendar shown, or select “No” to disable holiday. (Holiday could be change after the set up)


  1. Click save, your account will be offline at 00.00 of the first day of holiday and will resume at 23.59 on the last day. If you wish to start business earlier, you can disable the holiday.


  1. Holiday notification will be shown on the landing page




Can I change or disable my holiday?

  • Yes, you can change or disable the holiday any time. So, your store can be back online faster. However, the holiday cannot set back to the past date.

Can I log in to my account during the holiday?

  • Yes, you can log in your account to change the holiday or manage your account.



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