How do I send my products to Lazada warehouse?

Seller Support Desk

After signing FBL contract you can request FBL service for specific product through Seller Center. Once the request is approved Lazada will provide a special rate card for logistic service to transport the stock to Lazada warehouse.

Then you need to email your Vendor Manager with all SKUs you would like to put under Fulfillment by Lazada (FBL). We will notify you once your request has been reviewed.

You can then coordinate with your Vendor Manager for the request to send products to Lazada warehouse or create a request in Seller Center following the steps below.

1. Click "Products" --> "Fulfillment by Lazada"
2. Click "Send to Warehouse" tab --> "Create New Request"
3. Fill out the information required in the pop-up window.

Once completed, Lazada will send you a PO request for your reference. We will facilitate pickup if you choose "Pickup by Lazada" delivery type. You can also choose "Send to Warehouse" delivery type and send your products in to our warehouse. Please indicate expected arrival date and time.

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