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Fact: Online Festival 2017 aims to smash last years record of 3 million visits in the first 12 hours.
Fact: Health & Beauty is one of the biggest and most competitive categories on our platform!
Fact: Health & Beauty commission rate just dropped to 2%!!

You read that right! Commission for Health & Beauty category is now only 2%!  

We have been talking and listening to sellers like you, and the new commission structure + shipping subsidy will allow us to achieve our dream together!

So what are these new conditions and how can you multiply your sales?


How can you take advantage of this?

A. You can now forget about the commissions and shipping costs, this new and amazing offer will allow you to sell cheap make-up, beauty tools and everything a young Lazada customer could wish for everyday beauty needs!



*Does not include the Payment fee, flat 2% + VAT of the listing price (including VAT), applied per each item sold.

**Standard shipping cost for parcels below 0.49kg. All Shipping cost information available here.

B. Be more competitive! By reducing the price on your top-selling items, you will be able to be featured, and be more visible on the platform, like these featured items below!

 Screenshot_1.png    Screenshot_3.png

B.1. Want to be featured? Simply join our promo tool!

Period of collecting deals: everyday from 6 Nov-20 Nov

Campaign period: 6 Nov - 6 Jan

Discount: at least 10%

Join now the Health & Beauty promo tool!


B.2. To be more competitive, use our new analytics portal!

Conversion rates and traffic increases when price decreases, and these are the two factors that drive sales exponentially!

Access your own analytics portal here and download our training deck here. Want to learn more? You can also attend our free dedicated webinar, register here.




Don’t blow away this opportunity!

This new low commission structure at 2% and shipping subsidy also means you can worry less on shipping fees, and you can increase the number of items you sell at a more competitive price!

Remember, the more items you have in your shop = more choice for customers = more $$$!


Let’s do this!

You only need to take 3 steps!

Create new products, adjust your prices and join the campaigns from our promo tool!

You do your part, we do our part, and together we’ll work to bring you to success!

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