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Store Design is a tool which helps sellers customize and design the layout of their shop page from seller center.


The shop page will then display best selling products selected and catch the customers eye using attractive designs on Lazada’s website.




Benefit of using the Store Design tool:

  • Store Design enhances your brand awareness by making your page more attractive.
  • Differentiates your shop from your competitors
  • And provides your customers with a better online shopping experience
  • Boosts sales


The Features in the Store design function are different  by the revenue of each store. The details are as follows. 

Functional design stores  for sellers that have GMV less than 30K USD (<1 million baht)  per month. 

  • Simple template - Shop can be designed just basic (only Header only)
  • Graphic Banner Template - The owner can customized images (3 banner styles).
  • Template New Arrival - For displaying new items at the store 
  • Template Best Seller - For the best product selling listing of store 
  • Template Marketing - This is a Template that mix of both banner and recommended product.

** Note: For more detail, please download the document name : 
Store Design-Template_EN


Functional design stores for sellers that have GMV more than 30K USD (>/= 1 million baht)  per month. 

  • Category Navigation – to display the product according the details of each category
  • Banner Graphics – to Catch the customer’s eye using attractive designs graphic in a more interesting view
  • Product Recommendation– to display all recommended products on the home page

** Note: For more detail, please download the document name :  
Store Design-Module_EN


Shop Design Guide , please download it here.

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