How to check your product's status

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What is the product status?

Product status indicates online presence on the website. Product status must go through every status to go online to the website.

Where to check product status?

In the product table, each item will display the status at the item visibility field. If you point to √ or X, then the item will be displayed for checking.


What is each status?

Check the status of the display on the website from the table below:


Meaning when  

Status on website when X

Product status is Active

Product activated

Not online

Seller status is Active

Seller activated

Not online

Seller is verified

Seller already confirmed Email

Not online

Quality Approved

Already passed QC

•If the item is new, it will not be online.

•If the product is updated while online, the original product data will remain online before editing.

•If the item is rejected, it will not be online.

Brand status is active

Brand is already activated in the system.

Not online

Price 0 and Stock 0

Price is over 0 and stock is available.

*Depending on store settings (Still live / Not Online)

Images uploaded

Main product image already uploaded

Not online

Product has active categories

Already categorized

Not online

Brand is approved

Brand has been approved.

Not online

Uploaded to shop

Item has been uploaded to System.

If the product is already online, it will still show, but if it is new, it will not.

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