How do I create the best product images?

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There are 2 types to upload product images to the system

1. Single Upload 1-1

- Upload during product creation

During product creation or product editing on Seller Center, merchants can add up to 8 product images or edit items on page 4 SKU & Image.



- Upload at the Manage Product Image menu.

Go to Manage Product> Manage Image, then the system will display the list of product names, product SKUs, and product images. You can also find the product SKU to add images.


2.Multiple uploads (Mass Upload)

This method will save time to upload multiple images of various products and what stores need to have is product image links that are deposited on different image hosting and then take them to use according to the details below.

Step 1 :Download the template file from the system.


Step 2: Check the data (open the file)


Step 3: Enter image information to upload.


Step 4 :Save the file to prepare for uploading.


Step 5: Upload into the system


Product image best practices:

1. Images for all products should have 1:1 ratio or 850 x 850 pixels
2. Image should have a white background
3. The product should contain 80% of the canvas
4. No obscene photos
5. Have a minimum of 3 images, and a maximum of 8 images
6. Product should be unwrap and clearly focus

These guidelines should be followed to avoid your product getting rejected for quality check

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