Why my product got rejected ?

Seller Support Desk

Below contains the definition and details of your product rejection. Click each rejection reason to learn more:

 Product Image Rejections

  1. Offensive images including nudity or obscenity are not allowed. Please provide a new product image.
  2. Image appears to be missing or corrupted. Please re-upload the image or contact Partner Support Center for any systematic issues.
  3. Image only shows part of the product. Please provide new image that displays the entire product for better customer experience. 


 Product Content Description Rejections 

  1. The category of your chosen product is incorrect. Please contact Partner Support Center to correct your category.
  2. Product is missing highlights. Please add at least 3 bullet points in the highlights field to facilitate customer buying decision.
  3. Missing or inaccurate package dimension & weight.
  4. Please add contents of the package (E.g. accessories such as chargers, user manual, etc.) in the "What's in the box" field.
  5. Including links in product description is not allowed. Please remove any hyperlinks available.
  6. Please include warranty information.
  7. Updates and amendments of warranty is not allowed as it may create conflict with past sales. Please create a new SKU with updated warranty.
  8. Updates and amendments of product specifications is not allowed as it may create conflict with past sales. Please create a new SKU with updated product specifications.
  9. Product price seems inaccurate. Please review product price to ensure accuracy or kindly contact Partner Support Center if the price is accurate.
  10. This product has a Sale Price that represents more than 80% discount when compared to the Price. This discount level appears to be too high. Please review to ensure accuracy of price and kindly contact Partner Support Center if the price is accurate.
  11. Please provide value (price) of free items included in the free item box.
  12. Bulky SKUs
  13. Oversized SKUs              


Product Policy Rejections

  1. This product is not allowed to be sold on Lazada due to exclusivity agreements.
  2. This item falls under the list of prohibited items and is not allowed to be sold on Lazada.
  3. This product has been suspected for violating our brand-related policies. If you believe that the brand is accurate, kindly contact Partner Support Center.
  4. This product requires FDA or TSI certification. Please ensure the registered symbol is included in one of the images. If your product is not certified, please go to relevant authorities before selling.
  5. For all medical equipments , the medical device advertising license must be shown in one of the images (starting from the 2nd image)
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