SLA breach management

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What’s it? And What’s benefit?


SLA breach management stands for Seller Level Agreement Breach Management

The feature helps indicate the time remaining that seller should ship out their order before breach cancellation. Please keep in mind that the faster shipment the higher customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the SLA is capable to increase / decrease the time frame. Which could adjust according to the needs of occasion. For instance, during long holiday or special campaigns the SLA will be extend. Lazada team will manage the time.


On seller:

On order overview page. Ship SLA will indicate the deadline of order to be shipped out. Please note, Lazada reserves the right to cancel the order after breaching time.


The indication of color coding mean:


Green indicate that seller has greater than 12 hrs. to click SHIP

Yellow indicate that seller has less than 12 hrs. to click SHIP

Red indicate that seller has the last 2 hrs. to click SHIP before cancellation.

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