What is the QC process for my newly added or edited products?

Seller Support Desk

All newly added and edited products undergo a quality check process where Lazada reviews all content before the product goes live on Lazada website. The process takes an average of 5 business days.

You can find products that are rejected from quality check process in the following tab in Seller Center.

"Products" > "Manage Products" > "Poor Quality" "Rejected Reasons"

Make the necessary edits based on the rejection reason provided, and submit once updates are made. This will again prompt the quality check process.


  To learn more, visit Lazada University > Tutorials > "List Your Products"

 For further questions or follow up an approval process (in case exceeding lead time), you may reach Lazada Partner Support Center at (02) 018-0200 or submit a request to us by filling in "Content Request Foem"We will investigate the issue further.

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