How do I edit details of an existing product/SKU?

Seller Support Desk

Method #1 – Direct Editing at Seller Center

1. "Products" tab -> Select "Manage Products".


2. At the Product Overview page, search for the SKU that you want to edit. Click "Action" and click "Edit details". 
3. Once the editing is done, click “Done”.

Method #2 Mass Update via CSV file

1. Products -> Manage Products -> Export -> Click desired category to update. Scroll down to Exports section, and click Download to retrieve file.

2. Open the file -> Delete unrelated columns EXCEPT SellerSku and the updated column(s). 
[EXAMPLE: if you're mass updating the product description, only SellerSku and Description columns are needed.]
Once done, save the csv file. 

3. Homepage -> "Products" tab -> Select "Import Products". Import Mode: Select Update products. Add the CSV file, then click “Upload File”.

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