Why Can’t I upload my products in seller center?

Seller Support Desk

Below contains the example of single upload and mass upload errors during product creation.

Single Upload Error

Single Upload Error: Value is required and can’t be empty


Problem: The model value not provided and it not allowed to continue the creation process.

Solution: Provide the model value correctly. If no model for your product, please use the format below to create a model. The values with asterisk * is mandatory to fill.

Format: seller name -seller SKU


Single Upload Error: “Start date of promotion” required


Problem: “Start date of promotion” is can’t be empty if you have “Special Price”.

Solution: Provide start date of promotion and date of promotion. The special price will reflects during the promotional period only. 

Single Upload Error: Invalid Image Dimension


Problem: The image size is not meet our image guideline.

Solution: Provide image with the size minimum 500x500 date

pixel and maximum 2000x2000 pixel.


 Mass Upload

Mass Upload Error: Promotion Date Error


Error message: special_to_date:The promoted end date is mandatory.

Problem: Start date promotion and end date promotion not in correct format as requested in mass update price template. You removed the symbol “-”.

Solution: For date column, please use the format yyyy-mm-dd together with the symbol (') at front of the date to avoid the automatic convert in Microsoft Excel. Example: '2016-12-10 for 10 December 2016.


Mass Upload Error: Seller SKU exist


Error message: SellerSku:Seller sku is exist

Problem: The sku is already in Seller Center.

Solution: Check Manage Product Page, search Seller SKU. Check whether it is similar seller sku or different. Make sure, your Seller SKU shouldn’t be same and different from another seller sku. Seller sku should be unique.


Mass Upload Error: Brand Issue



Problem: You haven’t fill the Brand column yet.

Solution: When you check, if the brand is not in the specific column, then you should contact Partner Support with your Seller SKU, Seller name and Brand that you want create.


Mass Upload Error: Stock Issue


Error message: ->quantity:Sku quantity:Sku quantity is less than allocated quantity, minimum is 1

Problem: You provide less stock update compare to the stock that you allocated.  This is because you have Pending Order or Real Time Stock which is high compared to allocated stock that you want to update.

Solution: You should update the stock which is high compare to the Pending Oder or Real Time Stock.


Mass Upload Error: Content for fashion products


Error message: The package like field (Package weight/height /width/length, free item, what's in the box) should have same value in the variation category, P50029-41->package content:The package like field (Package weight/height/width/length, free item, what's in the box) should have same value in the variation category

Problem: You have update amount of package weight, height, width, length together with free item & what’s in the box which are different for all the sizes that you provided with Associated SKU (Usually Fashion Products).

Solution: Fashion products, which have AssociatedSku (previously used as ParentSku), make sure all the columns package weight, package height, package width, package length, free item, and what’s in the box should update with similar information (it’s only can differentiate by size).


Mass Upload Error: Incorrect Column


Error message: [IMPORT_SELLER_SKU_EMPTY] | missing seller SKU

Problem: Seller SKU not detect by mass upload template. Based on the above image, the columns C have 3 headers and all supposed to be in different column accordingly. But all the three columns combine into one column.

Solution: Please re-check your file entirely before you upload. This issue can be happened easily due to different file format which is CSV. Please use Open Office application to open CSV file, for further assistance you can contact Partner Support to get tutorial on how to open the CSV file.


Mass Upload Error: Brand Infringement


Error message: The selected brand is not authorized.

Problem: The brand that you choose is restricted by the Seller Center and only certain products with the brand can sell in Lazada. This is done to avoid the possibility of counterfeit products or Lazada exclusivity agreements.

Solution: Please contact Partner Support or vendor for more clarification on the brand that you used with authorized documents to support the originality. Legal team will proceed in depth investigation and they will allow to sell the products again if there is no problems with the brand itself.

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