How do I add a new product/SKU?

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  1. Product Name


  • New product creation will be on a single page
  • When you land on product creation page after choosing Products > Add Products, you will see 2 sections: Product to Sell and Basic Information
  • Products to Sell contains 2 attributes: Product Name and Category
  • Product Name is mandatory, type the name of your product in here


2.Category Selection


  • As you type in Product Name, Category Suggestions will pop out with recommendations based on keywords in your product name
  • You need to choose a category to list your product
  • You can either choose among one of the category suggestions or click on “Category” to navigate the category tree
  • You can also click on “History” to see the list of categories you frequently used before




3.Brand & Model



  • Once you selected a Category, you will see Brand and Model pop up under the Category field
  • You will need to enter a Brand as Brand is mandatory to list your product
  • Other attributes applied to the category you chose will also show up in following sections: More Product Details and Variations


4.Basic Information



  • After filling in Brand and Model, you will arrive at “Basic Information” section
  • “Basic Information” contains Product Description (optional), Image (mandatory), Video URL (optional), Warranty Type (mandatory for some categories), Package Weight (mandatory) and Package Dimensions (mandatory)

4.1. Basic Information - Product Description


  • Enter Product Description
  • On the top of the input field you will see a menu of formatting options. You can use this to decorate your product description and make it more visually attractive to customers
  • Frequently used formatting options are shown. Click on “MORE” to see the full list of formatting options


4.2 Basic Information - Images

  • Click on the blue plus to upload an image from your internal folder
  • You can also select multiple images from your internal folder and drop them into the browser. They will be uploaded into the Image field. Then you can drag and drop the images to re-arrange the order
  • If your product has color variations, you will not be asked to upload Images in this section. You will be asked to upload images when create color variations
  • If the images you selected don’t reach the minimum requirements, they will not be uploaded.
  • You will have to reupload the images one by one to use our cropping tool to resize the images to required dimensions



4.3. Basic Information - Video URL


  • Input a video URL to make your product page more exciting and engaging to customers
  • Video URLs will be shown at the end of description on product page

4.4 Basic Information - Warranty


  • Warranty Type is mandatory for electronic products. Warranty Type is not mandatory for Fashion and Health & Beauty products


  • If you choose a Warranty Type, Warranty Period will pop out

4.5  Basic Information – Package Information


  • Package Weight is mandatory. Fill in your Package Weight in kilograms
  • Package Dimensions (Length, Width, Height) are mandatory. Fill in these measurements in centimeters

4.6. More Product Details





  • After completing Basic Information section, you’ll see next section named “More Product Details”
  • “More Product Details” contains more descriptive attributes of the product such as screen size, dress length, clothing material, etc.
  • In default view, you will only see mandatory attributes in this section. Click on “More” to see full list of attributes and fill in more attributes to improve your product searchability 

5.1 Variations – Color variations



  • If your product has variations such as color and size, you will be asked to fill in variation attributes in the Variations section
  • For color variations, you can upload the images of each color after choosing the color. Click on “Upload Image” next to each color to open the image section
  • Click on the blue plus to upload an image from your internal folder. You can also select multiple images from your internal folder and drop them into the browser. Then you can drag and drop the images to re-arrange the order
  • By default, first image that you uploaded will be displayed on Product Page as thumbnails for different variations
  • If you wish to customize the thumbnail image, Click on “Use a different thumbnail”
  • You can either crop an uploaded image to make it thumbnail or upload a new image
  • You will be able to enter a HEX code or choose a color palette that you want to display on the website (not available in Phase 1)

5.2 Variations – Size variations


  • In order to create variations for Size, firstly you will have to choose the Size Origin that your products are using such as EU, UK, US, etc.
  • Once selecting a Size Origin, choose size value that is applicable for your products. You will only see size values that are relevant to the Size Origin you chose

5.3 Variations – Variations Information Management


  • Once finished creating variations, you will see a SKU table generated based on your selection of sizes and colors
  • For example if you choose 2 colors and 3 sizes, there will be 6 SKUs generated in the SKU table
  • You can bulk edit SKU information by inputting Price, Stock, Seller SKU, Sale Price etc. on the top of the table and click “Set for All”. Don’t forget to edit SellerSKU for each SKU as SellerSKU must be unique.
  • You can write directly on the table to change information as you wish
  • If you do not wish to sell a SKU, switch the button in “Availability” to Off



  • Recheck again all the information you input to make sure it’s accurate
  • Hit “Publish” to submit your new product
  • Please note that your product will go through a Quality Control process before it can be live on the website
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