How do I add a new product/SKU?

Seller Support Desk

You can add new product/SKU in Seller Center either one-by-one or using bulk upload.


1. Click "Products" --> "Add a Product".


2. Select a Category or Existing Product


3. Select the categories of your product and click “Select”.

4. Fill in all required fields in all four tabs: Main, Other Details, Product Pricing  Images.

5. Click “Submit All and Finish” when completed.

   For further guidance, you may visit  Lazada University Tutorial


Bulk Upload

1. Click "Products" --> "Manage Products"  --> "Import"

2. In the “Download Templates” section, download the template of your product category.


 3. In the template, fill in all the required fields. Red fields indicates mandatory attributes while Blue fields indicates optional attribute and Grey fields indicate irrelevant attributes.


4. Fill out the Excel template and save once completed.

5. Upload the file in the “Import Product” section. Set import mode as Create New Products.


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