Attaching Images and Videos in Your Long Description

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Boosting an extensive line of goods from various sellers, LAZADA serves as a one-stop shopping solution for every consumer across South East Asia. As a member of this community, you can better your chances of converting interest into sales by taking advantage of your product's long description through images and videos.

Embedding images and videos in your long description is actually easier than it sounds. You simply need to familiarize yourself with some basic HTML coding and commands in order to beautify your digital brochure in no time.

Incorporating images to your description enables your customers to get a better view of what you're actually selling. In order to attach pictures to this field, please proceed to Step 3 of SKU creation and tweak your Product Description.




Afterwards, click the image icon in order to add the Image icon in order to add link of your product. 




If your SKU's photos are saved in your personal folder, you may upload them in in order to extract their Image Address link.


When attaching your images, please keep in mind that the maximum image width allowed for LAZADA is 800 pixels. Please resize your image accordingly when adding them for a more better user experience for your customers.


Alternatively, you may also attach images by clicking the Source tab.


When using the Source method, remember to follow the proper HTML coding for your images. Use <img src=image address> in order to attach your photos to your long description.






Aside from images, you may also opt to include videos to your long description in order to give your customers a better understanding of the functions of your product.


Attaching a video to your long description is easy breezy. Simply find an existing video of your item from YouTube (please refrain from getting ones created by bloggers to prevent copyright issues).


Click Share then choose Embed to get the code for your video. 


Copy and paste this in your long description by clicking the Source tab.


Videos and images can make a lot of difference to your overall conversion rate. Give your long description that extra oomph in Lazada.

Happy selling!

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