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 No More Pick-Up Fee

1. For sellers on Pick up

For the bulky items (more than 20KGs or the sum of three dimension

more than 150CMs), please contact PSC via this link.




 2. For sellers on Thai Post Drop Off, KERRY Drop Off, DHL Drop Off and LEX Drop Off
(limited to 15 packages per day maximum)




Remark: Sellers who are interested in DHL Drop Off service can apply by filling the 
"Drop off Registration/Cancellation/Change Form" 


Packages conditions:

  • Thai Post Drop Off, KERRY Drop Off and DHL Drop Off: Weight <20 KGs, and the sum of three dimensions < 120 CMs. (dimension < 55 CMs on any sides)
  • Lex Drop Off:Weight <20 KGs, and the sum of three dimensions < 91 CMs. (dimension < 55 CMs on any sides)


Shipping Fee FAQ

Basic Questions: New rate card & Shipping Fee General

1. Will the seller still be with 99 THB, Free Shipping?
Yes, all sellers have been configured to 99 THB free shipping. As a seller, you have access to the “Buyer free shipping” module, to allow you to set your own threshold.

2. As a Seller using Thai Post Drop-off, how can I change my shipping thresholds?
Currently we allow Thai Post drop-off sellers to modify the thresholds (Economy Delivery). Sellers need to select delivery option as ‘ECONOMY’. Please see more detail here.

3. What threshold should the seller be setting to make customers buy more from his/her shop?
The seller is recommended to look through his average order value and adapt the new threshold accordingly. Recommendation is to have a slightly higher value vs the average order value.

 4. What should the seller do if he/ she wants to offer free shipping for their whole shop?
Choose “No Condition” in the tool as well as choose period the seller would like to offer free shipping

 5. What should the seller do if he/she does not want to offer free shipping at all?
The seller may remove all the current active promotions to stop offering any free shipping. This is not recommended. Please see more detail here.

6. If the customer is not charged 39 THB, what will he be charged if the order is below 99 THB?The customer will be charged based on the weight of the product entered by the seller. Eg: If the customer buys an item, costing him 75 THB (threshold = 99 THB), and the item weighs 0.2 kg, he will be charged 45 THB.

 7. Is the new Promo tool open to LazMall Sellers?
Yes, it is open to all local Sellers (LazMall + Lazada)

 8. Why should the seller adopt this tool?
The seller should adopt this tool for one simple, main reason: Basket Building. This tool helps the seller to manage his shipping costs (CODB), thereby helping him sell his product at a cheaper price. Cheaper Price = More traffic = More sales = More revenue/ profit.

9. Why should the seller offer free shipping at all?
Major surveys show that free shipping is one of the main driving factors behind customer buying decisions. The seller should effectively manage the shipping and should always encourage the customer to buy more to get free shipping.

Shipping Tool & Budget

10. The seller changed his/her threshold to 299 THB, but PDP still shows “Get Free shipping above 99 THB”. Why?
The seller may have more than one promotion active. Please check Seller Center -> Buyer Free shipping to see which the active promotions are. If the seller has another promotion, with lower ฿ value active, the system will pick that promotion. The logic of the system is always tailored to offer the most beneficial option to the buyer

 11. The seller changed his/her threshold to 299 THB, but PDP still doesn’t show “Get Free shipping above 299 THB”, why?
The seller may have set up a budget for free shipping. Once the total shipping cost over time exceeds the budget the shipping promotion gets deactivated.

Points to note: Budget is set at SHOP LEVEL for individual promotion. It is NOT set at order level – so Seller should not set a budget of 100 THB or such a small amount.

12. What will be shown on the website if the seller activates one promotion with “Buy 2 items to get free shipping” and another with “Buy 200 THB worth of products to get free shipping”?
On PDP, the buyer will be shown the item based free shipping, in this case “Buy 2 items to get free shipping”,if the product is below the threshold – 200 THB in this case. If the product is more than 200 THB, the PDP will show “Free Shipping”, and mention below the message of “Buy 200 THB worth of products to give free shipping”

13. Can the seller set his/her shop threshold to be 271 THB?
Yes, the seller can set such a threshold. However, it is strongly recommended to NOT set such a threshold, as it doesn’t look attractive from a buyer point of view. Please always set thresholds which either ends with 0,5 or 9

14. The Seller would like to learn to set up free shipping threshold. What should he/she do?Materials showing how to operate the tools have been uploaded in LU. Please see more detail here.

15. The Seller accidentally entered a huge amount as shipping subsidy and is not able to reduce the amount. What should he/she do?
The tool, by design doesn’t allow the seller to reduce the budget. Materials showing how to operate the tools have been uploaded in LU. Please see more detail here.


Finance Process

16. What will happen if the seller inputs their product weight incorrectly? Say the seller inputs the weight of the product as 10 kg, when it is only 1 kg?
The customer will be charged based on 10kg. However, Lazada reserves the right to hold the payment exceeding the actual logistics cost incurred by the seller. Eg: If actual weight = 1 kg = 55 THB; Seller Enters 10 kg; Customer pays for 10kg - ~170 THB. Lazada reserves the right to hold back (115 THB = 170 – 55), as this doesn’t reflect the actual logistics cost of the product.

17. Will Lazada charge me the 7% VAT in the shipping cost?
Yes, you will be charged a 7% VAT per package. The customer pays an amount which does not include the VAT.


For more information, click here to see material in Lazada University.

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