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Announcement: Shipping subsidy for Fashion and Health and Beauty

Lazada offers a 20 THB shipping cost per order to orders including at least 1 item at:

  • 499 THB or below for Fashion.
  • 399 THB or below for Health and Beauty.

(Max 3,000 orders/Seller/Month) Seller pays full amount upfront, subsidy will be refunded to Seller by Lazada in next payment cycle.


1.For sellers on Pick up

Please refer to the rate card in the table below, shall be applied for the shipments below 20 Kgs.
Condition: Weight <20 KGs, and the sum of three dimensions < 150 CMs.



Pick Up fee



2. For sellers on Thai Post Drop Off, KERRY Drop Off, DHL Drop Off and LEX Drop Off
(limited to 15 packages per day maximum)



Remark: Sellers who are interested in DHL Drop Off service can apply by filling the 
"Drop off Registration/Cancellation/Change Form" starting from 15 August 2017 onward.


Packages conditions:

  • Thai Post Drop Off, KERRY Drop Off and DHL Drop Off: Weight <20 KGs, and the sum of three dimensions < 120 CMs. (dimension < 55 CMs on any sides)
  • Lex Drop Off:Weight <20 KGs, and the sum of three dimensions < 91 CMs. (dimension < 55 CMs on any sides)
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