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Weekly Seller Report


2. My Dashboard

How do I use data analytics to grow?



3. My Bestsellers

How do I use data analytics to grow?


4. My Top Brands

How do I use data analytics to grow?



 5. My Top Categories

How do I use data analytics to grow?



What are the key metrics I should focus on?

 Revenue, orders & items sold are key to understanding how your business is performing

Key drivers of your business are page views, conversion rate and average basket size

How do I increase my page views?

Drive traffic to your product pages!

  • Add your best products to Lazada campaigns to increase exposure
  • Drive your customers from your marketing campaigns to Lazada product pages
  • Run marketing campaigns on Facebook or Google Adwords
  • Direct organic traffic from your website to your Lazada product page

How do I increase conversion rate?

Improve your content!

  • Reduce your sales price to ensure customers are seeing the best deal in the market
  • Add more high quality images; Images with 4+ images perform better
  • Create detailed product description including photos & videos wherever possible

How do I increase my average basket size?

Focus on increasing your page views and conversion rate to grow your business

Increase average basket size while maintaining conversion rate by creating product bundles

What are the key actions I should take?

My Dashboard

My Bestsellers

My Top Brands

My Top Categories

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