Pending Order Limitation

Seller Support Desk

Effective from 4th May, 2017, Lazada will introduce a new variable called “Pending order limit (POL)”, Which is the tool that control pending order. This tool will prevent seller from receiving over capacity sales volume.

How does it work?

                After order is received, order will be in pending stage and need to proceed to Ready to ship (RTS). If the pending order is higher than the limit, your product will be temporarily offline from Lazada website until the order is RTS.

How do I determine my POL?

                POL value can be found on Seller center, please see the image below for the example. Normally, POL will be set at 3 times of average daily order volume.

Moreover, POL reactivation limit is the value that tells you how many orders you need to process to reactivate the system to receive more orders.

What do I need to do?

                You are encouraged to routinely check the seller center for new coming order to prevent lost in sales opportunity and create customer satisfaction.  POL and POL reactivation value are also encouraged to check.

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